Single Automatic Watch Winder

Unlike other watch winders which rotate a watch in order to wind it, this winder gently "swings" the watch! Every 10 or 15 minutes throughout the day, the built-in microprocessor activates a servomotor, causing the watch to swing back and forth for several oscillations just as it would if it were being worn on the wrist. The oscillating winding action of the Sparta Bold is completely self-regulating! Ideal for unworn watches which are kept in safes or other compact storage places for long periods of time. The powder-coated, textured aluminum frame with black matte side plates is exceptionally stylish and blends into any decor! The watch is easily mounted over a resilient foam cushion, which accommodates virtually any wrist size watch with either a leather strap or metal bracelet. The cushion slips into the drive cup, which is titled back at 60° to the horizontal, making it impossible for the watch to fall as the cup swings during the winding cycle. A programmable switch allows you to select one of the two winding cycles: 10 minute (standard program) or 15 minute (extended program). Equipped with (4) lithium D batteries (included) that operate on the normal ten-minute cycle, and will provide years of dependable service without attention or replacement. As the servomotor powers only the first oscillation in each cycle with all succeeding oscillations powered by gravity, battery draw is minimal! Even longer life may be accomplished by using the 15-minute extended-winding cycle. Made in the USA.


Collections: Storage Accessories

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