About Us

Lisa Adams Closet Design

Lisa Adams Closet Design creates spaces that are balanced functionally and aesthetically.   Maximizing a closet is the number one issue for most people.  I want to make sure the wardrobe is unique to the client's tastes and preferences, and I realized that the problems people had with their closets were universal:  cluttered, overstuffed, lack of organization.   The opportunity to grow as a designer in a market that seems boundless was my inspiration for LA Closet Design.  With my new company, I am trying to do with closet design what has evolved in kitchen design in the last 20 years, producing stylish but welcoming living spaces where people want to socialize.  

Incorporating environmentally-conscious materials that have visual interest is an underlying principle and encourages the idea of a wardrobe as a living space.

I am inspired by fashion forward designs coupled with classic pieces for a truly timeless look.  Wardrobes are the ultimate fashion accessory.