LA Closet Design Cedar Vanilla Candle

The Cedar Vanilla is perfect for the closet.  The candles are blended and hand poured into blown glass vases.  The burn pool is large and even; the wax burns cleanly, and the blown glass vases are intended to be kept and enjoyed.  Once you have burned through the candle, simply place the vase in the freezer. Once it is cold enough, the wax will release from the glass.  Clean the vase with dish soap and enjoy as you like!

The properties of cedar are well established in terms of moth repellence and in providing a fresh, clean scent. That's why there are cedar chests and cedar lined closets. If you're not fortunate enough to have a cedar chest or a cedar lined closet, our cedar vanilla candle offers the same protection without the space or cost requirements.

Collections: Cedar & Lavender

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